Custom Safety Face Shield


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Custom Safety Face Shield
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Because we at ImageStuff care about the health of your workplace, we now offer Custom Safety Face Shields. We are proud to partner with WaveCel, a team of scientists, engineers and doctors that invented and produce exceptionally safe bicycle helmets - as seen in the Trek Bontrager Bike Helmets. WaveCel's Face Shields are the gold standard for safety, durability, and comfort. 100% MADE IN USA. 

Full visibility and clear audible voices are critical in a workplace setting.

CUSTOMIZE with your imprint and/or logo. 

Face Shield Size: 9" x 13" 


  • Fully Assembled (rivets are 5X stronger than glue or staples)

  • BPA-Free 15-mil Thick Tritan Shield (2.5X thicker most shields to help prevent bending and breaking)

  • Preserves Visibility of the Face - Critical for Communication in a Classroom Setting

  • Prevents Staff From Touching the Face (key infection mechanism)

  • Covers Eyes (a mucous membrane that is a mechanism for infections)

  • Easy to Clean & Reusable

  • 100% Made in USA

  • For Large Bulk Orders and Question Please Call us Toll Free: 877-773-7705


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Made and Designed in Oregon, USA by WaveCel, a Company of Scientists and Doctors Developing Safety Products for the Medical, Sporting Goods, Library and Educational Industries. WaveCel's Protective Safety Face Shields are the Gold Standard. Full Visibility Face and Eye Protection made from BPA-Free 15-mil Thick Tritan (Co-Polyester) 2.5x thicker than most shields to help prevent bending and breaking. Attached w/ Rivets ( 5x stronger than staples or glue). The most important feature in a classroom setting is the ease of communication. Shields offer full visibility and voices are not muted like when wearing masks. Comfortable Foam Brow. Can be Cleaned and Reused. Made in the USA. Please call us toll free 877-773-7705.